Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Lottie's first birthday

Lottie's birthday present ( a fairy catcher car)


Party time

Cake smash

The Hedges looking after the birthday girl

Aunty bec and Louie

Michael and the boys

Mums group

Work friends and kids

Adult "area"

Gathering for speeches

Blowing out the candles

Lottie's godmother Jojo

Kiddies lining up for cake

Robyn with Oakley

Yum cake

Happy parents and Robyn holding Oakley

Pin the tail on the Whale


Opening some more presents

Kisses for Jojo

I promise to update this more often than yearly!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas and the new year

Christmas and the New Year

Hi Guys,

Finally getting around to putting up some happy memories from Christmas. What a great time we had. Staying with Nanny and Poppy and eating the most delicious food and the kids were spoilt rotten. We were also able to see Ryan's mum and brothers family on boxing day which was so lovely and Parker just loved seeing his cousins Ben and Matty again!

Parker simply loved carols by candlelight and we got to sing some of his favourites!
The swimming pool at Nanny and Poppy's was also a huge hit!
My big belly wouldn't fit any swimmers but i sure made the most of the pool, feeling weightless was AMAZING!
The kiddies really were so spoilt!
Boxing day in Brisbane
Parker had quite the soft spot for "baby" (Baylee)
The feast
We had a lovely trip down to batemans bay
We also had our White Christmas dinner before heading up to Brisbane which rebecca, my sister, graciously hosted. The turkey was delicious and the pudding was eaten by everyone...especially the kids!
Just a few pics for my family in france who don't use facebook
Baby room (before and after my baby shower-lovely friends and family!)

Lovely curls in this heat
Well thats it from us until we have a new addition.